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Digital Smile Design

Is there anything you want to change about your smile?

Some people want to change their smile without knowing what’s wrong with it. What they know is that they don’t like the way it looks. For these patients, we offer a Free Digital Smile Design.

With a Digital Smile Design, we take photos of your teeth or request copy of your recent photos. We then compare them to an ideal smile and from there see the difference.

We then think about changes we can make for your smile, digitally recreate it, and then send the changes back to you. You can see how your smile looks before and after getting dental work.

We can also show you a book containing 20 smile variations. We’ll help you choose which one would suit you best. Once we have decided on the look that you want for your smile, the next step is for us to take impressions of your teeth.

We use these impressions in creating a model that is an exact duplicate of your teeth. We’ll first make changes on this duplicate model and show you a three dimensional view of the results. We’ll modify until the model looks exactly the way you want your smile to look like.

As we proceed with the treatment, we do as we had planned and agreed upon. We want to ensure that you like the changes we’re making for your teeth. We discuss the treatment plan with you, focusing on areas of your smile that need attention.

Orthodontic Smile Studio offers the Digital Smile Design for free, so if you’re interested please contact us at .