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Zoom Teeth Whitening

If you want a brighter smile, consider getting a professional tooth whitening procedure.

Sometimes, your teeth cleaning habits aren't enough to break down plaque and stop discoloration. If you're concerned about these issues, Philips Zoom! Whitening may help.

Philips Zoom! Whitening uses ultraviolet light to intensify the bleaching effect on the teeth. What sets it apart from other teeth whitening techniques is its speed. You can see your teeth become whiter within an hour.

We’re proud to offer Zoom! Whitening here in our dental practice at Kitchener, ON.

Advantages of Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening

What Happens During the Procedure

Zoom! Whitening is often performed on the dental chair. For extreme cases, your dentist may recommend combining the in-office treatment with take-home solutions.

The whitening procedure usually lasts for an hour. We cover your teeth and gums using a rubber dam so only your teeth will be exposed. We apply the peroxide gel to your teeth, and an overhead lamp delivers light to activate its bleaching effects. The entire tooth area, from the front to the back, is covered in the procedure.

We apply the gel and activate the LED light thrice for 15 minutes each session. Once your treatment is done, you can leave the office without worries. You can resume your daily activities and you also won't be put on a strict diet afterward.

You'll also see the results of your treatment immediately. How whiter your smile will become depends on the severity of your teeth discoloration before getting Zoom!

How White Will My Teeth Get?

It depends on the level of staining on your teeth, the concentration of the whitening solution, and your lifestyle and food choices before and after the procedure.

A greyish tooth will be harder to whiten than a yellowish one. That's why we need to examine the condition of your teeth before recommending Zoom! or any cosmetic dental procedure. Several factors can contribute to darker, more stubborn stains.

The higher the concentration of the whitening gel, the quicker the results are too. However, this may also cause higher sensitivity. We work with you to determine a safe concentration and setting for the gel as well as the LED lamp.

The results of your teeth whitening procedure can last for up to six months before needing touch-ups. To maintain your whiter smile, it helps to stop smoking and be cautious when consuming highly-pigmented food and beverages, such as soda, coffee, berries, tomato sauce, and curry.

Am I a Good Zoom! Whitening Candidate?

You're likely a good Zoom! Teeth Whitening candidate if:

1. You have healthy teeth and gums.

2. You don't have dental restorations, such as fillings, crowns, and veneers.

3. You're not pregnant or lactating.

4. You're not allergic to peroxide.

We still recommend visiting our dental office for a comprehensive exam to find out whether Zoom! is for you.

Getting Zoom! Whitening in Kitchener, ON

If you're in the Kitchener area and are looking to get your teeth whitened, we invite you to our dental office to know more about the procedure. If you’re a new patient, we can also take you to a tour around the office!

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