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The Carriere® Motion™ Appliance simplifies orthodontic treatments.

If you have misaligned back teeth and need a tooth extraction or surgery to prepare for braces, your dentist may recommend using the Carriere® Motion™ Appliance as a solution.

This orthodontic appliance corrects your bite, reduces overall treatment time, and may even eliminate the need for invasive procedures.

How Does the Carriere® Motion™ Appliance Work?

The Carriere® Motion™ Appliance uses a distalizer, which is attached to the canine tooth and the premolar on both sides of your mouth.

A tooth on each side of the bottom row will then serve as an anchor. And an elastic band will be used to connect the anchor tooth to the distalizer.

The elastic band applies gentle force to rotate and move the first molars. This pulls the entire canine tooth to the premolars or molars into proper alignment.

The Carriere® Motion™ Appliance attaches only to three teeth and corrects the alignment of your canine teeth and molars on the upper row.

You may feel some discomfort while your mouth is still adjusting to the appliance but this should subside within the first week.

Benefits of CMA®

  • The treatment time takes 3-6 months to complete and offers highly-visible results.
  • The appliance delivers a gentle force and makes posterior alignment corrections more comfortable for patients.
  • It helps solve complex bite issues and reduces chair time for patients who are getting Invisalign or traditional braces.
  • The appliance feels comfortable and lets you speak and clean your teeth as usual. It does not require the use of a special cleaning tool.
  • CMA® also reduces the tendencies of orthodontic emergencies as it does not use brackets and wires.
  • It comes in various colors, including a clear option.

Orthodontic treatments help you maintain a healthy and attractive smile. To learn more about the remarkable benefits of CMA®, contact our dental team today. We’ll be happy to help you schedule your initial consultation with the dentist.