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Using effective tools is critical in treating teeth misalignment issues.

A PowerScope corrector is an orthodontic appliance for Class II bite cases. Our bite is classified into three categories. Class I refers to a healthy, normal bite. Class II and III, on the other hand, are considered irregular and can cause dental issues.

The corrector is used with traditional braces to make them more efficient. Since it is ready-to-use, it does not need to be assembled, measured, or manipulated. It can be placed at the early stages of your treatment or when your dentist sees it necessary.

The class II corrector comes in a low-profile design, with smooth and rounded edges to ensure your comfort. It is applied outside the braces, near the corners of your mouth. During adjustments, the corrector may feel tight but this should subside within a day or two.

The goal is to make the treatment results more predictable, avoid the need for tooth extractions, and shorten the overall treatment period.

Here at Orthodontic Smile Studio, we walk you through every treatment option possible to correct your teeth alignment issues. We explain to you how your preferred procedure works, along with the tools that we’ll be using.

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